Instagram engagement and Instagram followers are two topics that come hand in hand – we don’t suggest falling into the trap of following, nor do we encourage boosting engagement as it is unattainable unless you don’t have enough followers. Therefore being a digital strategist, I believe in maintaining a sheer balance between these two. A result-driven strategy that ensures to drive more engaged followers can bring excellent results. Today’s article is dedicated to devising a plan featuring some amazing tips that can help the startup build a hyper-engaged following because this is what matters! A large group of people who don’t care about what you post don’t benefit you, but you should also see how active the audience is.

Why Followers are important

Although followers make a terrific first impression which is why every other brand we see on Instagram prefers buying more active Instagram followers as they play a vital part in flattering the ego. But that does mean the number of comments, shares, and views are significant to track. Moreover, they are things that Instagram itself thinks are incredibly essential for organic growth. More followers benefit you in many ways; there is one that every marketer will have a consensus on MORE FOLLOWERS ATTRACT MORE REAL FOLLOWERS. It creates a snowballing effect. When people see you already have such a colossal following, pressing a follow button becomes easy as they know many fellow members are doing the same.

Is gaining followers easy?

There is nothing as straightforward as it seems! However, it will help if you work hard on everything from creating an attention-grabbing bio to creating a visually stunning layout for pictures to incorporating amazing pictures to collaborate with influencers and hosting giveaways. All these tricks help gain a colossal amount of followers. But, apart from everything I have just said, always remember one thing! Content is the king; make sure to create unique and killing content that your target audience craves. Schedule posts in advance, analyze them in a timely manner and figure out what kind of content works better in terms of engagement and driving a new audience to the profile. More so, also know the peak time when most of the followers are active as posting on peak times also bring in maximum engagement.

What does engagement show?

Engagement shows how the content performs by measuring the interactions your content earns over time. It basically tells whether the followers on your profile are involved with your posts or not. It is one of the valuable metrics shedding light on the account’s visibility, showcasing the publication’s impact on your community.

What is the formula to calculate engagement?

The formula to reach engagement is simple,

Engagement Rate by Reach = (Likes + Comments) / Reach x 100

If you are not much interested in math, better get help from the exclusively designed tools to help brands and businesses track engagement. Since getting stats from such tools is an automated process, you can save a much time and can get better information.

What should I chase – Higher engagement or follower count?

There’s no denial most brands and influencers are more after followers, which is fine, but long-term success is achievable when you run after the number of shares and comments. Do you know, having a deep, remarkable and friendly relationship with followers give you a better insight into your brand? In addition, you can craft a better strategy for the business by taking timely feedback about your products. In contrast, if you get your account bombarded with fake bots, what benefits do you expect from them? They will ruin the engagement because phoney accounts are not created to interact.